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Causes of hyperthyroidism are due to increase in thyroid gland size which results in increase of thyroid gland secretion 5-15 times than normal. Hyperthyroidism is caused due to localized adenoma that develops in thyroid tissue. The presence of adenoma in one part of thyroid tissue causes decreased secretion of thyroid gland from the other.
Symptoms of hyperthyroidism:
·         A high rate of excitability
·         Intolerance to heat
·         Increased sweating
·         Mild to extreme weight loss
·         Diarrhea
·         Muscle weakness
·         Nervousness or other psychic disorder
·         Extreme fatigue but inability to sleep
·         Tremors of hands
·         Atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmias
·         Exophthalmos (Protrusion of eyeball)

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