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There are 3 types of hyperparathyroidism
A- Primary hyperparathyroidism:
It entirely depends upon parathyroid gland. Both hyperplasia and hypertrophy lead into the increase in the structure of the organ which causes an increase in production of more hormones.
Symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism:
·         Increase in PTH secretion leads to the fever which remains for 24 hours.
·         Vomiting occurs
·         Hypotension
·         Weakness
·         Tachycardia
B- Secondary hyperparathyroidism:
In this case 50% chance is due to malignancy and 50% cause is the insufficiency of other system relating to Ca++ absorption, excretion and secretion.
C- Tertiary hyperparathyroidism:
In this case parathyroid cells become autonomous. The gland starts autoimmunity. The immunity is now itself act as a disease, the gland cells start destroying other gland cells. A time has come when the remaining gland cells tend to survive and start producing more PTH than normal range.

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